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Book 222 Knitted and Crocheted Afghans

This Star Booklet, issued by American Thread, contains 10 afghans, 1 pillow and 1 stole pattern  for your knit or crochet pleasure. Typically, American Thread issued a pattern book for a specific yarn promotion, but in this case we see three different American Thread brands referenced - Heavy Rug Yarn, Sports Yarn and Knitting Worsted. 

Most of the patterns are on the easy side and rather standard fair.  This booklet was released around 1970.   American Thread frequently tried for the unusual in their displays, and this book is no different.   Different as in ... animals displayed with the afghans.   Not a typical dog or cat .. but lions, sheep, zebra, etc.   No, here we have your afghan spread across the floor with a lion laying on it.  Interesting, I must say.       Ready ....

 Knitted and Crocheted Afghans, American Thread Star Book 222 


 The front cover displays two of the featured afghans; one partially draped over a sheep !   Red, White & Blue (on right) measures 48 x 66; it's an beginner easy design.  Harlequin afghan (on left) measures 56 x 70 and would give any living area a bright splash of color.   The small tassels on the ends give a nice visual break. 

 Panel Crochet Afghan Pattern in Popcorn Stitch

 Beautiful Tear Drops - At first glance, I thought this was two different afghans shown in different colors.   A closer look at the supply list shows that it is one afghan with color changes and textures.   They call this piece 'Beautiful Tear Drops'.  It is knitted and measures 62" x 72" completed.   I'm assuming the significance of the lion is the spots somewhat resemble the raised 'teardrops' on panels of the afghan.   

Hexagon Squares Afghan Pattern, floral blocks

 Displayed with a lamb, is the Geometric Afghan.   Although there is a high level geometric pattern going on here, this is really a lovely and unusual floral piece, as shown in the next black and white close-up picture.   This piece is crocheted using 6 different colors and measures 50" x 70".  

 Vintage Pansy Crochet Afghan Pattern

 The 'Pansy Motif' afghan is stunning.   It is crocheted and measures 45" x 63".   If I were creating this one, I don't think I'd use the black squares (this is probably to tie to the zebra lounging in the top corner), but perhaps a blue blue or lighter yellow.   What would you use? 

 This is a wonderfully different piece.   The pattern calls for both knitting and crochet, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know which is which.   I do know, however, that these lovely flowers are embroidery (separate graph included).  Then, four of the panels become the afghan and on the remaining panel, you add the fringe and it becomes a quite lovely stole.   The finished afghan is 52" x 66".   There is a matching stole - should you want a stole that matches your afghan!   A 'blend together' on the couch. 

This pattern gives us 'A New Version of the Granny' !   This exotic piece (hence the tiger) measures 50" x 70" and is crocheted. 

 This lovely 'Bon-Bon' Striped afghan is knitted and measures 50" x 70".  Note the marvelous cable panel, with eyes drawn to the ends by the mid-sized tassels.

 Knitting Afghan Pattern with Floral Embroidery

 There is a fair amount of work involved in the 'Panel Embroidered' afghan.   Nothing difficult however.  The afghan is knit in panels (crocheted border) with wider panels embroidered (cross stitch) with a colorful floral display.  The afghan, measuring  54" x 74" is definitely worth the effort! 

And, last but not least, the back cover gives us 'The Knitted Eagle' and a matching pillow (look close, it's in there).   This piece is knitted and measures 51" x 65" without the fringe.   Always wanted to make an afghan for that special man?  Well this one has that certain feel of masculinity to it.    Note that is is shown displayed on a heavy cafe curtain rod.   What a lovely idea to put into the home as a wall hanging ! 

 I hope you enjoyed the photo and description log.   Links to individual patterns are below the pictures.

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