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Hi.   I'm Lorrie Baudouin, 'Chief Everything Officer' at Vintage Knit Crochet Pattern Shop.  


This is a one 'woman' business.   I hunt down, purchase, research, scan, Photoshop and proof read each of these patterns to produce easy to read patterns with the clearest pictures and charts possible.   

I started this business back in 2011 under the name of Todays Treasure Pattern Shop, and updated the name in 2018 to be more representative of the business.  Although I have patterns from many vintage sources, I specialize in the Mail Order Design pattern, with a collection now exceeding 3500 Designs.  

A perhaps, (or not) interesting tidbit is I don not know how to knit or crochet.  I am a secretary at heart, and enjoy the process of creating these documents.   I will admit though, I've now processed so many patterns that I can visualize them, through the instructions, them coming together.  

Should you have any questions, or problems, always feel free to email me.