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Alice Brooks Designs

Alice Brooks began distributing Mail Order catalogs in 1942. The catalog offering was displayed on every mail order pattern offering for an additional charge. These catalogs ran into the early 1970's under the name of Alice Brooks and then were joined with Laura Wheeler and offered under the name of Needlecraft Services.    To View Album(s), just click on the link above;

Alice Brooks Mail Order Catalog from 1945     alice-brooks-1946-designs-catalog-page-01.jpg     alice-brooks-designs-1947-catalog-page-01.jpg    alice-brooks-1949-designs-catalog.jpg    Alice Brooks Mail Order Pattern Catalog, 1952   

Alice Brooks 1950 Mail Order Pattern Catalog     alice-brooks-designs-1954-catalog-page-01-front-cover.jpg     alice-brooks-1959-designs-catalog-page-01-front-cover.jpg     alice-brooks-1956-design-catalog-front-cover.jpg      alice-brooks-1960-designs-catalog-cover.jpg