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AB 1957 Designs

This Mail Order Pattern Catalog - Alice Brooks Designs - was issued late 1956.   In all, it's a 24 page leaflet on standard size glossy paper that quite artistically laid out.   Here you will find the 'most popular' Mail Order patterns from late 1955, through October of 1956.  

The newspaper description :  "Two free patterns printed printed in our Alice Brooks Needlecraft Book - stunning designs for yourself, your home, just for you, our readers!  Dozens of other designs to order - all easy, fascinating handwork.  Send 25 cents for your copy of this wonderful book right away".

As indicated, there are two free patterns in the catalog.    One a hexagon quilt block that results in an intriguing abstract star effect as well as knitted shrug pattern, which I've listed in the shop as a Free Pattern as well ---- KNITTED SHRUG.

Some of these patterns may be in the shop.  To check, search on the 4 digit pattern in the bar above.  I hope you enjoy the catalog.