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1968 Patterns

Needlecraft Services began marketing and distribution of their 1968 pattern catalog in August of 1967, and ran through July of 1968.Typically, an advertisement of the catalog appeared at the bottom of each individual pattern advertisement in the newspaper.    Although similar, separate description wording was used. This particular catalog is 24 pages.

  • Laura Wheeler descriptionSend for Big, Big 1968 Needlecraft Catalog - hundreds of knit, crochet fashions, embroidery, quilts, afghans, gifts, toys. Plus 6 free patterns printed inside. 
  • Alice Brooks description:  First Time! Jumbo 1968 Needlecraft Catalog - hundreds of designs, 6 free patterns (including designer sweaters) instructions inside. Knit, crochet, embroider - fifty cents.

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