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Boys Knit

This section is for our little boys. Now, just as with men, you won't find the variety of knitting patterns that you would in the girls section, however, that's not to say that there will not be a marvelous selection of sweaters, cardigans and jackets for our guys. A You will find a variety of patterns that include sweaters, suits, pants, jackets, cardigans and perhaps, even a hat and some gloves and perhaps a slipper or two. Although patterns for girls always outnumber those for boys, there are still a few special ones out there, so get comfortable and browse to your hearts content.

The knitting patterns in this section will be sized for 6 and up. Patterns less than size 6 will be found in the baby / toddler section. In cases where a knit pattern is unisex, it is displayed in both the boys and girls section.