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Note (6-3-2023) - I just realized that the catalogs pages are not working correctly.   I'm moving these to the top of my priority list, but it will take me a couple weeks to get them all fixed.    


The major Mail Order Pattern Syndicates - Readers Mail, Needlework Bureau, etc created Needlework catalogs.   Each of the services operated under the same premise; mail away to purchase a pattern and add an additional amount to receive the Needlework catalog.   This then went full circle in that, once you received the catalog, you would want to order additional patterns from the catalog.   The catalog services began in the early 1940's and ran into the mid 1990's with a number of name changes.

I, of course, collect these catalogs (when I can find them at reasonable prices), and add them here for your viewing pleasure.  

If you see (knit or crochet only) a pattern you are interested, you can put the 4 digit number in the search bar to see if it is in the shop. 

There are quite a number more catalogs in my collection, which I'll be adding in the upcoming weeks.