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Knitted Doilies

I'm searching for Mail Order Knit or Cochet patterns not in my collection?  Do you have any tucked away that you'd be willing to trade?   I'm trying to build a master collection, which currently does not exist and your help would be most appreciated.  (

Although the Knitted Doily Pattern section is a bit sparse, there are a number of designs in here to challenge the fiber artists among you.  The pinwheel knitted was apparently popular is it leads in the numbers, however, there a few floral designs as well as some fabulous Danish and Viennese Knitted Lace.

These design, typically dense are knit in fine threads, giving them their lacy appeal, yet sturdiness.  

As you might guess, the knitted doilies are not a big seller in the shop, however, as I find them, they will certainly be added ... Perserving History, One Pattern at a Time!