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AC 1946 Album

The patterns published in this catalog were originally branded under the name Needle Arts Dept and appeared in 1944 and 1945 newspaper mail order advertisements:  It was rebranded as an Anne Cabot Album in 1946.  The album catalog will be exactly the same with the only notation of the rebranding to Mrs. Anne Cabot that appears on the cover.  And then, rebranded again to Peggy Roberts in 1947.   

The Needle Arts Dept description:  "Our 60 page multi-colored book of Needle Arts, containing five free patterns and many other suggestions for dressing up your home and yourself, is now available.  Send you request for the book to (newspaper address) ... "

The Anne Cabot newspaper description:  "A treasure trove for crocheters, knitters and home needlecraft experts and amateurs - the winter issue of the Anne Cabot Album!  Contains lovely doily designs, gift ideas, presents for baby, trousseau lingerie, corde bags, hats, decorating ideas.  Price 15 cents".  At this time (July 2020), I do not have any of the patterns in this catalog.   If you have any of these (knit or crochet), patterns that you'd be willing to share or trade, please let me know.

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