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Book 11, Bedspreads and Tablecloths

 I've not updated a pattern book review in awhile ... so here we go.   

Vintage Crochet Bedspread Tablecloth Pattern Book

American Thread, Star Book 11, Bedspreads and Tablecloths.   This book was published in 1940 in promotion of their Puritan and Trojan Brand threads. Typically pattern were were released to promote one or two new releases of a brand yarn or thread.   This release however, covered 5 or 6 if the different threads available in the market during the time period.  

 Windmill graces the front (and back) cover.  Frequently also referred to as a Pinwheel, or Whirlwind, this design is created in 6 inch blocks. 

1940 was a tough year in which WW11 was in full force and women on both continents stayed behind.  One relaxing, and often essential activity enjoyed, was crocheting and knitting items for the forces, as well as items for their home, of course.   This booklet contains XX crochet patterns and XX knitting patterns and 1 in filet crochet.   The crochet patterns are all for squares or medallions, which, of course, were also used to create scarfs, chair sets, etc.  The pattern pictures are rather low quality; I've sharpened to make clearer the best I could, with some combinations (block to spread) in the pattern listings.

Crochet Bedspread Pattern in Weathervane Square Blocks
Weathervane - a 7-inch square block that creates a pleasing geometric effect. 
Crochet bedspread pattern in lacet stitch
Lacet Stitch Bed Spread is worked in panels with an interspersed diamond motif and extra long fringe edges. 
filet crochet baby blanket pattern with animal motifs
Crib Cover is 46 x 58 inches.  It is worked in 6-1/2 inch blocks in a variety of (you choose) 
motifs.   Use the included alphabet to monogram.
Knitted Bedspread Pattern, Vintage Diamond Motif
Knitted Spread is worked in 5 inch blocks that take on a textured diamond motif.  
Crochet Bedspread pattern, flower squares
The Puritan, a flower block motif, measures 5 inches.  This 'quite popular' design appeared in (at least) two other American Thread pattern books. 
 Crochet Irish Rose Tablecloth Pattern
Irish Crochet is a lovely cloth of heirloom lace quality.  The primary medallion is 5 inch with fill-in's created in two reduced rows of same.  Create cloths in sizes of your choice.  
Crochet Log Cabin Bedspread Pattern
Log Cabin - This class design is two toned in 4 inch blocks.   This is a 'very easy' square worked in single and double crochet and features a wide shell stitch border. 
Filet Crochet Tablecloth Pattern, 9 inch squares
Large Mesh Tablecloth, with a floral hint, this cloth is made up in quite large blocks - 9 inches, and finished with simple edge panels. What a fabulous look over a dark under cloth.
Crochet Medallion pattern, Snowflake
Snowflake Medallions work up quickly and are just 3 inches in all.  Join these beauties to create the runner pictured, or join for cloths in other sizes.    
Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Pattern
Two Toned square block measure 5 inches.  This is a quite easy block created in two colors - a shaded and white.   Or whatever you choose, of course.  An attractive motif that lends plenty of potential.

Cluny Designs Tablecloth is created with 3 3/4 inch flower medallions, and a small joining motif.

And that's it;  one knitting pattern and 12 crochet patterns enclosed in the 32 pages.  Well, not quite - on the last page is the typical advertisement promotion ... 
And so, what's so unusual about this?  Well, not a single pattern in this book calls for Rug Yarn.  Typically pattern books were issued as a promotion for a new brand of yarn.  
The designs here, are all quite lovely, and deserve consideration in your upcoming projects and heirloom considerations. 
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