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Book 134, Crocheted Rugs

Shall we look through another book?  Why not.  The year is 1956 and American Thread have issued yet another pattern book for your crochet pleasure.   This book, issued as a promotion for their popular rug yarns - Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn, and Aunt Lydia's Star Spun

Crochet Rug Patterns in heavy rug yarn

Crocheted Rugs - Star Rug Book No 134:  This book contains 9 rug and one craft pattern in a variety of designs with a common denominator (besides the obvious yarn promotion) ... they are all quite easy. 

Crochet Rug Clown Pattern in Heavy Rug Yarn

Play Pen Pal :  This rug is worked primarily in single crochet with the clown embroidered.   It was, as the name and picture represents, designed for the play pens of that time period - 38 inches square.  

Time Marches On :  This child's crocheted rug is 36 inches, with a matching pillow at 12 inches in diameter.  What a fun way to teach time to a young one.

Crochet Rug Pattern, Shell Motif

Sea Shell Rug:  - A literal shell motif perfect for any seaside inspired home decor.  The area rug measures 24 x 44 inches. 

Crochet Loop Stitch Rug Pattern

The Gold Standard:  A bathroom set with a nice diagonal motif rug and grand loop stitch border.  Matching toilet ... small standard size, I'm sure.  

Crochet Tweed Rug Pattern

Cape Cod:  A blue tweed design, with fine textural effect, that measures 28 x 34 inches. 

Crochet Crab Toy Pillow Pattern

Crab Pillow and Matching Toy:   American Thread have a long history of 'bits of whimsy', and these are a great example! 

Crocheted Stripe Rug Pattern with Fringe

Stripes and Fringe :  A chunky two tone design -- super easy -- in oblong and oval sizes.  The oblong rug has fringed ends. 

Crochet Block Rug Pattern

 15 Blocks:   Just as the name suggests, this rug is created using 15 easy two tone blocks, joined with wide border all around, to form an attractive area rug at 24 x 37 inches.

Harlequin Rug Crochet Pattern

Harlequin :  This pretty piece, crocheted in loop stitch, employs three colors for a rich diamond harlequin effect.  


 And that's it.  Well, almost.  The booklet includes a page that for their brand promotion.   

If you are needing an area rug for your decor, there's bound to be one in this small collection.     These patterns are in the shop, should you be interested; just follow the links below the pictures.  Thanks for dropping by.