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Bedspreads Book 232

Taking us all the way back to 1947, is Spool Cotton Book 232 - Bedspreads.  Other than a dab of color on the front and back  cover, the pattern pictures are all lower quality black and white.   This fact (what did we expect of 1947), certainly does not, however, detract from the exquisite designs that are in this pattern leaflet.  Most of the patterns gave a photo of the spread and another small photo of the square.  I've combined these photos so you can better see the design. 

There are 11 patterns, two knitted and the rest crochet.  The book was obviously issued as a promotion to Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet Cotton, as that is the material called for in each of the patterns.   None of the patterns were identified by name, just by their assigned number.   (In some cases, I've identified the name). 

Coats Clarks Book 232, Knit Crochet Bedspreads


Pattern No 6132 graces the front cover ... and appropriately so, being a splendid piece of Irish Crochet.  The designs is made of raised floral hexagon motifs that measure 12 1/2 inches each.   I've seen references that this pattern was called Marguerite in other publications.
Crochet Half Circle Medallion Bedspread Pattern
No 6124 - This interesting medallion is almost a combo of half circle.   It is joined with a smaller fill-in medallions to create a quite interesting and pleasing crocheted spread.  
Knitted Bedspread Pattern No 6130
No 6130 - Knitted Bedspread  This design is worked in attractive 2 1/2 inch strips and finished with long tufts of fringe.   
Crochet Geometric Block Bedspread Pattern
No 6131 - Crocheted Bedspread is worked in large - 8 inch - blocks with an 'almost' geometric motif. 
Crochet Pinwheel Bedspread pattern No 682
No 682 - Crocheted Bedspread featuring pinwheel medallions in popcorn stitch.  The medallions measure 6 inches each and create a visually appealing geometric motif.  
Irish Rose Crochet Medallion Pattern for Bedspread
No 6128 Crochet Bedspread.   This 5 inch rose motif has appeared in a number of SPC pattern books and is typically called Rambling Rose.
Crochet Bedspread Pattern in diamond panels
No 6133 Crochet Bedspread - Worked in 10 inch panels in diamond and popcorn stitch. 
No 6123 Crochet Bedspread made up in lovely raised flower block centers surrounded with petals edged in popcorn stitch. 
Knitted Bedspread Pattern of Squares
No 6129 - Knitted Bedspread is an elegant design of staggered raised leaf and plain 10 inch blocks. 
Octagon Crochet Bedspread Medallion Pattern
No 6126 Crochet Bedspread is created in 6 1/2 inch hexagon blocks in a floral motif
Crochet Pinwheel Bedspread pattern No 6127
No 6127 Crocheted Bedspread in 4 3/4 inch pinwheel medallions goes beyond to an almost geometric effect.

And that it ... all 11 patterns.   All quite exquisite and all worthy of heirloom quality.    
The opening jacket statement : "Every woman loves the feminine touch in her home ... Why not add to your bedroom a beautiful handmade Bedspread that would express your individuality?  In this book we have designed a variety of Bedspreads ... one to suit every taste .. they are simple and decorative.  Choose the one that best serves your purpose, and you will be proud to say that you have made it yourself".  

Although these designs are 1947, no reason you can't still crochet your future heirloom. 

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