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Book 64 Flower Doilies

This book is in my Classic Category.   It an American Thread dating back to 1949.  It contains just 9 doily patterns, all crochet.  And, what wonderful doilies hey are!  These patterns are worked with crochet or knitting cottons.  Some patterns reference a variety of types/brands, with their corresponding needle size.  American Thread, as did the other material producers, issued pattern books in promotions of a specific threads.   In the case of these patterns, American Thread gave choices of 6 different threads popular in this time period ... All interchangeable, of course.    Enjoy the patterns !

Crochet Flower Doily Pattern Book No 64

 Star Book No 64 / Flower Doilies
The front cover gives us a preview of four of the patterns ... in color.  (All the other patterns are black and white)  The front and back cover are the same, as was consistent for early American Thread pattern books. 
Crochet Rose Hot Plate Mat Pattern
No 6401 - Rose Hot Plate Mat Cover.  This pretty doily crocheted in White, Green and Shaded Pink is designed to fit over a hot plate mat that measures 8-1/2 inches.
Crochet Daisy Doily Pattern
No 6402 - Daisy Doily is such a pretty crocheted doily with white flower petals and the rest in yellow.  Of course, you could reverse if desired. Crochet at 8-1/2, 9-1/2 or 10-1/2 inches, depending upon materials selected.   
Forget Me Not Crochet Doily Pattern
No 6403 - Forget Me Not Doily.  Tiny blue flowers with yellow flowers in a double row surround the center motif of twirling leaves.  It can measure between 7 and 11 inches.
Crochet Luncheon Pattern Passion Flower
No 6404 - Passion Flower Luncheon Set.   Such a delicate piece of fiber art; this luncheon mat measures 12 x 17 inches. 
Free Crochet Placemat Pattern, Wild Rose Motif
No 6504 - Wild Rose Luncheon Set.   Crocheted Wild Roses in pink with green leaves are appliqued to the corners of a heavy mesh background.  This pattern is available as a Free Download. 
Crocheted Irish Rose Doily Pattern
No 6406 - Irish Rose Doily is such an elegant piece that can be made between 5-3/4 and 9-3/4 inches.
Pond Lily Crochet Doily Pattern
No 6407 - Pond Lily Doily with extra long petals can be crocheted at either 8, 9 or 10
 inches in diameter. 
Vintage Ruffled African Violet Doily Patter
No 6408 - African Violet Ruffle Doily with dainty African Violets in central motif and at the bottom edges of each of the tall ruffles.  
Crocheted Pansy Doily Pattern
No 6409 - New Pansy Doily is crocheted in white, yellows, lavenders and green.
Wouldn't you agree that there are some marvelous selections here ?   I think the Passion Flower Luncheon set is (as my sister would say), Stupendous.  I'd like to have a few dozen of those individual flowers to add to clothing.  I am also quite on the Pond Lily Doily.  It's not lacy or spectacular, but a solid piece of fiber art that would nicely offset almost every vase I own. 

I've restored patterns to bright and crisp PDF files, with the original pictures.   They are available in my shop (links under pictures) should you be interested.  
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