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American Thread

American Thread Company published quite a number of pattern books between the late 1940's into the 1970's.  Each booklet was issued as a promotion to one (or more) of their yarns. Click on the links above to read / see the book review.  

       American Thread Star Book 87, Doilies Doilies Doilies     Crochet Baby Pattern Book Review, American Thread Book 88     american-thread-book-125-knitted-crocheted-fashions.jpg    crocheted-rugs-patter-book-134-amerian-thread.jpg     book-231-american-thread-portraits-in-fashion.jpg     

ripples-crocheted-knitted-american-thread-book-183.jpg        american-thread-book-220-babies-are-such-fun-to-dress-cover.jpg         american-thread-book-222-knitted-crocheted-afghans.jpg       aunt-lydias-heavy-rug-yarn-book-225.jpg