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Book 87, Doilies Doilies Doilies

It's been awhile since I've completed a photo review on a pattern book, so . . . let me get started.

 Crochet Doily Pattern Book Cover, American Thread Star 87

Doilies - Doilies - Doilies - Star Doily Book No 87 / American Thread.

This booklet takes us back to 1951 and was issued as a promotion to three of their Mercerized Crochet Cottons, Gem, Puritan and Deluxe.     This is a smaller booklet on pages; just 16; but big on doilies (of course) - all crochet; 9 in all, including one ruffled and one hairpin lace. Here, let me show you.

Pretty Doily graces the front cover.    Yes; American Thread actually named it pretty doily.    It has all appearances of being a pansy doily, but a close up look implies 'faux'.  Pretty doily measures 6 or 8-3/4 inches in diameter.

Crochet Pink white doily pattern

Pink and White Doily features a delicate border in shaded threads.  It starts with the attractive center floral motif that extends outwards with the gently scalloped border.  This design may be crocheted in two sizes - 9-3/4 or 13 inches.

Yellow & Chartreuse Crochet Doily Pattern

Yellow and Chartreuse Doily is a two tone delight that will measure either 9-1/2 or 13 inches.  (Of course, you can still crochet all white).

Medium Pineapple Crochet Doily Pattern with Shell Border

Pink Pineapple Doily features a grand shell border.   Crochet this design at either 9-1/2 or 13 inches in diameter.

Hairpin Lace Doily starts with a crochet center and ends with the exquisite Hairpin Lace.

Gray and Yellow Ruffled Doily -- a most unusual color combination, but it works really well.  The doily has a bit of a flower spray in the center as well as scattered through the ruffled border.

Yellow Spiderweb Doily using shaded crochet cotton has a quite nice shell border.  The doily will measure either 8 or 11 inches in diameter.

Green Leaf Doily is smaller in size, but makes quite a statement with a hint of a flower shaped center followed by the colorful leaves and scalloped border.

Red and White Doily features a nice daisy center bordered in a light round of red, which is matched up on the trimmed border.

And, the back cover, as is typical for American Thread booklets, is the same as the front.  Except for knit designs, there is potentially something here for everyone.   If I could crochet (anything but the sc), it would be the green leaf?   You?  Which is your favorite?

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