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Book 183, Ripples Knitted & Crocheted

Ready to see another of the American Thread Star books?    This one is a mostly crochet all about the Ripple Pattern, as you may have guessed.    It includes Sweaters, Coats, Gloves, Slippers, Suits, Dresses & Hats. It even has a couple patterns for your dog ..... (drum roll, please ) ........

Ripples Knitted and Crocheted - American Thread Book No 183

Ripples Knitted & Crocheted Pattern Book

Gracing the front cover, we have a matching set combo.   A Ripple Coat for her, sized Small & Medium, and a Ripple Dog Sweater for your pooch, sized 14 and 19 inches (back of neck to tail).  Both are crochet patterns.    

Scarlet & Black Ripple Two Piece Suit (on left) is crocheted and features long sleeves and scalloped edges.  The Black & Sand Two Piece Dress (on right) is knitted.  It is sleeveless and also features the scalloped edges.  Both patterns are sized S-M-L. 


 To go along with the bed socks, an attractive Crocheted Bed Jacket.  Although we do not see the front of the Bed Jacket, it is apparent the looped fringe follows the bottom, up the front and around the neck.   A very nice, loose-fitting garment to wear when the nightgown is not quite enough .... or, anytime you wish.  


 What do you think of the Pom-Poms and the fringe on these pullovers?   Do you hear the 60's yelling?   Do you think we'll see a return?   Even if there is no return, you have to admit, they are fun.  The Ripple Pullover on the left features long sleeves and Pompons.  The Sleeveless Fringed Pullover tunic on the right is delightfully fun and ready for summer.   These pullovers are crocheted and sized S-M-L. 


 Here's Another Ripple Shell.  It also sports the 'hint of scallop' at the neckline and the hemline.  It is a crochet pattern and is sized S-M-L. 


Here's a His & Hers; but in a different way.   We have a Bulk Ripple Slipover for her, which is crocheted and sized Small & Medium.  And, then, we have a Pullover Sweater from him, which is knitted and sized Small, Medium, or Large.  

  Beret - Knitted or Crocheted is one hat design with separate directions for knitting and crochet.   It's a versatile piece, just slouchy enough to wear 5 different ways.   The hat is shown in crochet only.


 The Long and Short Ripple Cardigan or Jacket Pattern is crocheted.  It is loose fitting and features colorfully bold vertical ripples.   Stitch your ripple either long or short. 

 This is a lovely ripple --- The Ripple Cape.  This piece is and is sized Small & Medium.   It can easily see this in bright bold colors, as well as three shades of the same color for a softer look.  Wear it out with slacks, or over your shoulders as a throw or a bedjacket.   Definite possibilities !


Remember Spats !   Create these and slip them over your shoes for a whole new look as well as added warmth, should it be needed.   A whole new, ummm, vintage look for your shoes.   These are crocheted.  


A Ripple pattern book could not be complete without at least one pair of slippers (the above was bed socks).   These are the Crocheted Ripple Slipper sporting fun looped fringe.  

 And, while discussing socks and slippers, let's not forget knee-highs.   A pattern is included to create these in either the crocheted or knitted version.  


 And the same goes here .... these Ripple Mittens have instructions to create them in either knit or crochet.   (If long socks are knee highs, what are long gloves?).

 This is the last pair of socks ... the Ripple Boots, taller than slippers, not as tall as knee- highs ... boots.  These are crocheted (no knitting version here).  


 This Ripple dress is sleeveless with the lightly scalloped bottom edge and neckline.   This is a crochet pattern sized Small, Medium and Large.

 And, and that's it .... Ripples, American Thread, Star Book 183.   If you'd like to see more information on any one of the patterns, just follow the link below the picture.   

I hope you enjoyed the photo-journey!. As always, thanks for dropping by,  Lorrie