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Book 88, Wardrobe Tricks from 1 to 6

Now, there are not a lot of patterns in this book, just seven. There are 4 baby pattern sets for our little ones, a sweater set for the older child (which, I'd guess let them add the '6' to the title and a couple toys.  As were all American Thread pattern books, this was promotional material.  In this case, for their Dawn Brand of yarns, which you'll find easy to substitute in today' market. Perhaps you'll see something here that calls you to pick up your hooks and needles. The book ....

Star Book 88 Wardrobe Tricks from 1 to 6 Cover

Wardrobe Tricks from 1 to 6; Star Baby Book No 88; published in 1951.  The front cover covers all the patterns in the book. 

Baby booties and crochet ball pattern

For the aesthetics of it all, pattern pictures are typically nicely coordinated with each other, although far from splendid photography.  We've four different unrelated patterns in this photo.  The crocheted ball is listed in the shop as a free download. 

Crochet Baby Set Pattern, Knot Stitch

This Knot Stitch baby set is beaded with ribbon ties.  The set is almost Christening quality.

Free Crochet Toy Pattern, Clown Head

Here's an early touch of the American Thread 1960's whimsy.  Yes, it's a crocheted clown head, complete with embroidered facial features and a bell on top of the Pixie hat. I'll just go ahead and say it .... he's a bit scary.  

Crochet Baby Shawl Pattern, Fringed

These knitted accessories are for your little Girly-Girls.   Both easy knit in baby wool or yarn, there is a fringed shawl and a frilly shoulderette. 

Baby Girl Crochet Jacket Bonnet Pattern

This knitted Baby Sacque, with beaded yoke and Bonnet has a lacy appeal with small embroidered flowers for the feminine touch. 

Pink Crochet Baby Set Pattern

American Thread official name this design "Pink Baby Set".   Of course, you can knit it in any color you choose.   The set is sized 6 to 12 months. 

Boys Crochet Cardigan Sweater Pattern

 This sister and brother set gives us a basic pullover and cardigan with a cute elephant motif.   The set is written for Size 2, with changes for 4 and 6.  Although the book itself is named 'from 1 to 6', this is the only pattern set aimed towards the 'older' child.   

American Thread 1950's pattern book advertisememnt 

And, on the inside back cover, one additional promotion - an advertisement for other American Thread booklets also available in the yarn shops featuring their 'other' yarn brands.  

And that's it.   A short and sweet leaflet promoting Dawn brand yarns; giving 4 knitting patterns and rest crochet for you to create for baby.  I've listed most of these patterns in the shop should you want additional information.   Just follow the link below the pictures.   

Thanks for dropping by, Lorrie