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Book 125, Fashions Knitted Crocheted

This American Thread Pattern book is another lovely piece of Pattern Art. The model images are reminiscent  of the 1950's. Okay, so ya ... 1956 to be exact. The patterns are about an equal mix of crochet and knitting and include sweaters for him and her, along with dresses, stoles, and capes.   Yes, the usual pattern categories ... but some real classics. In this issue, American Thread, instead of assigning pattern numbers, most typically gives each pattern a name.  Most name would seem to correspond to the name of the model, a couple the style of the garment.  The book was apparently a promotion for American Thread's Dawn Brand Yarns. Almost all of the patterns call for some variation of this brand.    

American Thread Company Star Fashion Book 125

Fashions Knitted, Crocheted


Adorning the front cover: Sunny - The Broad Ribbed Cardigan.  A knitted sweater is sized Small, Medium and Large with rather grand ribbing worked in knitting worsted.

It's a Coat; It's a Dress - The pattern first gives us a short sleeve, knee length coat with patch pockets.  Pair this up with a straight pullover sleeveless dress.  A rather easy knit in bulky yarn sized 10 to 16.   

Jim - An Extraordinary Guy - This is a really nice mens knitted sweater, cable yoked and ribbed bands.  Add to the length, and this could easily be a winner for him or her. Also knit in bulky yarn, it is Mans' size 40, 42, 44 and 46.   

Don - A Fair Isle Favorite - A nice Irish patterned pullover for men.  A motif design graces the front, with contract bands and sleeves set it off.  The back is solid as well.  Knit to chart, the pattern is sized 38 to 44.  

Lila - A Sports Choice.  This is an interesting design, two tone in sock and sweater yarn is first knit and the 'dots' put in with embroidery stitching with the aid of a design chart.  It's sized for misses 10 to 16. 

Nell - The Traveler is a lovely combo two piece suit consisting of a cardigan and a pleated pattern stitch straight skirt.   Both the Cardigan and Skirt are sized 12 - 14 - 16 - 18. 

Jerry - The All Time Favorite is knit in nylon, or sock and yarn.  A comfortable cardigan for him (unusually long for the 1956 era), it features contrast raglan sleeves, bands and patch pockets.  Sizing is 40 - 42 - 44 - 46.

 Reeta's Neater is also a two piece dress featuring long sleeves and a notched collar, along with a straight, nicely fitted, skirt.  It is knitted with crochet detail.     It is sized 12 - 14 - 16 - 18

Katherine - Queen of Stoles starts the Crochet section.   Worked in bulky yarn, this lovely features that large faux collar.  This one size design would make a great outdoor item, but useful for snuggling up on the couch as well.  

Elizabeth In a Coachman's Jacket - Here is a crocheted classic in knitting worsted.  Extra long length, with dramatic collar, front buttoned band and patch pockets.  Sized for most - small, medium and large. 

Orlon - Velvet Smooth is knitted with Fingering Yarn, giving it that velvety look.   It is sized 12 - 14 - 16 and 18.

The Little Stole - A One Size Crocheted shoulder stole .. perfect when it is only slightly chilly.

Jane - That Tweed Look is a double breasted (look) Cardigan with three quarter sleeves, notched collar and v-neckline.  It is knitted (crochet edges) and sized Small - Medium - Large.

Lisa - The Exotic is the grand finale for this book, and Grand it is !  This piece sports an Chevron design in a large square.  It is folded for the double fringed effect, which means you could control that specific look depending on where you placed the fold.   (I'd imagine you would clasp the front with a corresponding pin). 

So, what do you think?    Did American Thread outdo their usual artistic display with this one?    There are at least 4 here that I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe .... most definitely the Coachman Jacket.

 If you'd like more information on any specific pattern, just follow the link below the picture.   Thanks for dropping by.