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Book 102, Crocheted Bedspreads, Tablecloths

Next up in my stack of pattern books is a delightful selection, in a lacy sort-of-way, from Lily Mills.  This pattern book goes back on 1939 and has a nice collection of home decor accessories.   They have a quite vintage feel, as should be for designs that are now 81 years past.  Actually, at this age, they are falling into the 'antique' category.  This Lily book was published as a promotion of their Lily Daisy Mercerized Crochet Cotton. 


Lily Mills Daisy Book No 102 - Crocheted Bedspreads, Tablecloth and Novelties

I've discovered this book was published with two different covers.   I've not seen this before with publications in the same year.  

Crochet Lace Bedspread Pattern No 620

Lacy Bedspread No 620 - An intriguing 9-inch medallion bedspread design with fill-in motif and a pointed scalloped border.  

Crochet Armenian Lace Bedspread Patter

Imitation Armenian Lace Bedspread No 621 - Another lovely medallion bedspread with long fingers of fringe.  The instructions include a variation border design for scarves / runners. 

Crochet Star Medallion Bedspread Pattern

Star Bedspread No 623 in Two Colors  - This motif spread, with flowers in a contrast color, has unusual breaks in the motif design, presumable whether the design meets the table edges.  The motif here could also be easily used to create cloths of other sizes.

Filet Crochet Daffodil Square Pattern

 Daffodil Bedspread No 624 - This pretty filet crochet design is worked old style ... without charts.  The size of hook is not designated; you control the size.  

Crochet Luncheon Set Pattern

Three Piece Buffet Set No 625 - A small medallion pattern that can be joined to make mats, scarves, etc., in sizes of your choice with a nice chain and treble border. 

Rose and Daisy Design No 626 - Two easy crocheted medallions - a rose and a daisy, are joined to form mats or cloths in sizes of your choice.  

Filet Crochet Flower Tablecloth Pattern


Filet Tablecloth No 699 - This lovely cloth, with a flower spray and butterfly motif is worked to chart and will measure 64 x 72 inches.   This pattern was also released as Lily Leaflet 64A.   I've listed the Leaflet pattern in the shop, versus the design from the book as the chart is better quality. 

Refreshment Doily Set No 628- Features 5 different filet and crochet designs to use as drink mats. 

Rose Pillow Top No 629 - The outer motif of this pretty block forms an attractive diamond motif. 

Chair Set No 630 - Another small medallion design that can be used to create a variety of items.

Handy Pot Holders No 631 and 632 - colorful kitchen accessories in 6 and 8 colors of Crochet Cotton.  This pattern is available in the shop as a FREE DOWNLOAD, should you be interested. 

Set of 6 Medallion Squares -- Crochet in desired quantities to form scarves, spreads and cloths.

Crocheted Edgings - Three exquisite edgings worked in Crochet Cotton with a No 12 hook.

And, that is the entire book.   All the patterns are crochet, with three filet selection.  I felt the designs in this particular book were much more intricate than many of the other designs in this time period.  My guess is the styles originate from an earlier time period, however, I have nothing concrete to base that on.   

Okay, I've now finished this book, time to move on.   Thanks for dropping by.