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Easy Lace Quick Knit Stole Pattern, No 648


Quick Knit Stole : This pattern contains directions to knit the stole shown. Knitted in a lacy pattern stitch, this stole can be made in Jumbolaine or Knitting Worsted. The ends are finished in a 9 inch fringe. This is one of those pieces that will be a pleasure to drape over your shoulders for an evening out. The pattern is vintage 1952 from Bernhard Ullman.


  • Approximately 60 inches by 21 inches for Jumbolaine or Jumbo-Knit Stole.
  • Approximately 68 inches by 22 inches for Knitting Worsted Stole.

Instructions are for Jumbolaine or Jumbo-Knit Stole, changes for Knitting Worsted Stole are in parenthesis.


  • Bear Brand Jumbolaine or Fleisher's Jumbo-Knit, 8 skeins for Stole, 1 skein for Fringe.
  • Bucilla Plastic Needles, 1 pair Size 13; OR
  • Bear Brand Standard Knitting Worsted or Fleisher's Superior Knitting Worsted, 4 skeins for Stole, 1 skein for Fringe.
  • Bucilla Plastic Needles, 1 pair Size 10.

GAUGE: Jumbolaine or Jumbo-Knit-4 rows=l inch; Knitting Worsted 6 rows=l inch

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