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Knitted Bedspread in Pinwheel Motif HH46


Bedspread Knitting Pattern : This pattern contains instructions to knit the bedspread shown. This unique design takes us back to 1946, where it appeared in Woman's Day Mail-Order leaflet HH-46. Here we have a delightful Pinwheel Motif that is repeated in joined blocks to form spreads that are single or double in sides. Three sides of the spread have long fringe.


  • BEDSPREAD COTTON, 39 balls of White, Ecru or Cream for a Single Size Spread; 45 balls of White, Ecru or Cream for a Double Size Spread
  • Set of 5 Double-pointed Steel Needles No. 11 or 12.

GAUGE: Each pinwheel measures 5 ½ inches in diameter. Each fill-in block measures 2 ½ inches square. For a single size spread make 257 pinwheels, 212 fill-in blocks and 44 border blocks. For a double size spread, make 311 pinwheels, 262 fill-in blocks and 48 border blocks.

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