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Crocheted Fancy Box with Lid, Free Pattern


Crochet Fancy - A Dress Table Delight.   This vintage pattern comes from a newspaper clipping dating to the early 1940s.    It contains a very simple crochet pattern that basically consists of 'Crochet 3 single treble stitches, then chain 1 stitch; repeat.   The rest of the instructions are how to form the box, apply shellac to stiffen, etc.    

This is a delightful old pattern than I'm offering here in my free section hoping that some of you might give it a try .... let's bring back some of the small delights of the vintage era !

This pattern is offered as a free download in appreciation of my customers' business. Not a customer; just want the pattern? How about following me on Facebook in exchange.

This pattern is featured in a blog post at Todays Treasure Pattern Shop, should you care to drop by. 

All patterns in this shop are reformatted vintage designs; crisp clean documents for your working pleasure. The pattern is a PDF download. A link will be forwarded to your email address within a couple minutes. 

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