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Filet Chair Sets


Hundreds of Mail Order filet crochet chair sets were marketed, primarily between the 1930's and the mid 1960's.  These were both an attractive and functional designs in many a household, protecting new furniture, or covering bare spots on the old.  The designs, created only in one size, included a chair back and arm rests.  Periodically the chair back would be large enough for a davenport.  These sets were also functional layed out on the buffet table, or sewing to fabric ends for scarfs and runners.  

The majority of these designs are in floral, pet, bird or animal motifs.   Enjoy these little bits of history.

Many filet crochet chair set patterns were marketed through newspaper advertisements between the 1930's and 1960's.  This category contains just a fraction of the designs from Alice Brooks, Laura Wheeler, Anne Cabot and others.