Laura Wheeler

Crochet Flower Chair Set Pattern, Laura Wheeler 251


Crocheted Chair Set:  This crocheted chair set is made in strips 5-1/4 x inches. Five strips joined together form a davenport back, three strips form a chair back or scarf ends, single strips form arm rests.

This is a Mail Order Design pattern purchased through newspapers and catalogs.  The pattern was marketed as Laura Wheeler 251 in 1942.  The newspaper description:  "Make your chair more inviting - your buffet lovelier, or use these crocheted flower strips to form lacy scarf ends. You'll need five for a davenport, with one for each arm"


  • Unbleached Mercerized Crochet and Knitting Cotton in (500 yard) skeins and a No. 8 steel crochet hook.
  • A single strip requires approximately 85 yards of cotton; a complete chair set requires 1 skein, a davenport set or two scarf ends require 2 skeins.

 CHAIR BACK (12-1/2 X 16 INCHES): Make 3 crocheted strips and join together. (see directions below).

ARM REST (5-1/2 X 12-1/2 INCHES): Make 1 crocheted strip for each arm rest.

DAVENPORT'BACK (12-1/2 X 26 INCHES): Make 5 crocheted strips and join together (see directions below). Make 1 strip for each arm rest.  

SCARF END (12-1/2 X 16 INCHES): Follow directions for Chair back.

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