Botany Lassie Shawl Wrap Knitting Pattern


BBM-100 Botany Lassie :   This pattern contains knitting directions to make the shawl, or wrap shown.    In this design, the shawl is first knitted.   When completed, the 6 inch fringe is added.   The stripes are completed last, by weaving in three contrast colors with a tapestry needle.   The actual length is not stated.  This pattern is vintage 1951 from Botany Mills. 


  • 3-2oz. pull skeins "Botanized" 4 ply 15 Sock and Sweater Yarn(mc)
  • 1-2oz. pull skein "Botanized" 4 ply 15 Sock and Sweater Yarnin each of 3 contrasting colors (1st cc); (2nd cc); (3rd cc). Suggestedcolors: mc-#1037 (Buttercup); 1st cc-#57 (Limerick Green) ; 2nd cc-(White) ; 3rd cc- # 124 (Brickcourt)
  • Knittingneedles #2 and #3 (standard) 
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: 7 sts. = l inch; 9 rows = l inch 


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