Laura Wheeler

Crochet Pineapple Doily, Large Small, Laura Wheeler 899


Crocheted Doilies:   This pattern contains directions for making pineapple doilies. These doilies can either be made of No. 50 Mercerized Crochet Cotton, No. 30 Mercerized Crochet Cotton or Mercerized Crochet and Knitting Cotton. The choice of the cotton governs the size and texture of the doilies. The doilies can be used as luncheon or buffet sets or as odd pieces.  The large doilies may be 15 or 30 inches; the small doilies are 12 or 18 inches.

This is a Mail Order Design pattern purchased through newspapers and catalogs.  This pattern was marketed as Laura Wheeler 899 in 1946.  The newspaper description:  ""If you have no pineapple doily, crochet this one. If you already have some, you'll surely want this lovely doily - you know how easy it is to do. Crochet these doilies for so many uses".


  • No 50 Mercerized Crochet Cotton and a No 14 steel crochet hook or No 30 Mercerized Crochet Cotton and a No 10 steel crochet hook or unbleached Mercerized Crochet and Knitting Cotton in (700 yard) skeins and a No 8 steel crochet hook. 
  • The large doily requires approximately 300 yards of No 50 Cotton or 450 yards of No 30 Cotton or 600 yards of heavy cotton.
  • The small doily requires approximately 150 yards of No 50 Cotton or 200 yards of No 30 cotton or 250 yards of heavy cotton.  


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