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Crochet Pansy Doily Pattern, Ellen Bruce 913 Mail Order


Crocheted Doily Pattern :  This pattern gives directions to crochet the doily pictured.  This doily has a center lacy design surrounded by row of leaves and ending with the wide pansy flower border.   The doily measures 14 inches in diameter.    "A lacy simple pattern features a wreath of green leaves surrounded by a circle of purple pansies."  

This is a Mail Order pattern purchased through newspapers and catalogs.   The pattern was marketed as Ellen Bruce 913 by Needlework Bureau in 1949.   The newspaper description:  "A crocheted doily in Pansy motif. A simple lacy center and a wreath of green leaves is surrounded by a circle of purple pansies about 13 inches in diameter".


  • About 300 yards white (cream or ivory); 200 yards purple; and 100 yards green Mercerized Bedspread Crochet Cotton (knit-crochet-cotton). 
  • Use a #7 steel crochet-hook. This will make a doily about 14" in diameter (after blocking). For a smaller doily use #20 Cotton. 

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