Laura Wheeler

Round Pineapple Table Cloth Crochet Pattern Design 684


Crocheted Cloth : This pattern contains directions for crocheting a round cloth or a centerpiece to be made in No. 30 Mercerized Crochet Cotton or Mercerized Bedspread Cotton. Three rounds of pineapples -combined with the spider-web design -create a graceful effect on a round table. The cloth can be crocheted at a small size of 50 inches, or larger size of 75 inches, depending upon materials used.

This is a Mail Order Design Pattern, purchased through newspapers and magazines. This pattern was marketed as Laura Wheeler 684.  "Set a table with pineapples - stunning in rounds of graduated sizes, climaxed by diamonds and scallops.  Two ways elegant.  Use as a luncheon cloth or all day decoration".

Materials: See photo of pattern requirements.

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