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Pansy Place Mat Pattern, Mail Order 452


Crochet Pansy Place Mat:   This pattern gives directions to crochet the mat shown. Pansy medallions are interesting to make, and very easily attached to the fans of the simple oblong doilies.

This is a Mail Order pattern, purchased through newspapers.  This pattern was marketed as No. 452 in 1950 by Needlework Bureau.  "A plain mesh center is edged with a row of pretty pansies.  They are easy to crochet and make a beautiful table setting".


Mercerized Knit-Crochet Cotton (bedspread cotton) and a #9 steel crochet-hook. 

About 200 yards will be needed to make each small mat needed, and 300 yards to make the larger mat for the center of the table. The small mat measures about 10" x 14" in size; the large one, 12" x 20" (if the above-mentioned thread and hook are used).  

COLOR SUGGESTIONS: The set may be made entirely in White, Cream, Ivory, or Ecru; but for a more interesting and truly beautiful ensemble, make the plain mesh centers of Cream color; the fan-and-shell borders of Medium Green; edge the whole with tiny Cream loops. Then attach natural-color pansies to some of the fans (see illustration).  

To make the pansies, one might use Orchid (shaded) for the small petals, with larger petals of Deep Purple (shaded); or, Yellow (shaded) for small petals, with larger petals of Orchid (shaded); or, vice versa; or, Orchid (shaded) for the small petals, with larger petals of plain Deep Pink. Gold or Green should be used to make the flower-centers.

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