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Gem Pineapple Crochet Doily Pattern Design 1101


Crocheted Doily: This pattern contains directions for crocheting the doily pictured. "For those who love to work pineapples in crochet, this bit of handiwork will be a joy to make. Beginning at center with a dozen of the pineapples, it quickly grows to thirty in the outer circle and is finished before one realizes it!". The doily may be worked in a variety of sizes, depending upon materials used. This is an intermediate to advanced design.

This is a Mail Order Pattern, purchased through newspapers and magazines. This pattern was marketed by Spinning Wheel as Pattern 1101.  "You'll find this useful doily easy to crochet in the pineapple motif"

Materials: If #20 Crochet Cotton is used and the work done in moderate tension with a #10 hook, the piece will be about 19 inches in diameter. To make a more dainty doily use #30, #40, or #50 crochet thread and work it with a #12 to #14 hook; for a large centerpiece, use Bedspread Cotton and #8 hook. About 420 yards will be needed.

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