Anne Cabot

Angora Cat in Crochet Pattern, Stuffed Toy Mail Order 102


Mail Order 102 : This pattern contains directions to crochet the pictured pet. It's a stuffed toy for the older child, or home decor; whichever you prefer. Crocheted in knitting worsted with brushed up hair to resemble angora, this sweet stuffed feline has facial features of felt, whiskers of millinery wire and a big bow around the neck. The actual size is not stated.

This is a mail order pattern, marketed as Anne Cabot 102 in 1968.


  • COATS & CLARK'S "RED HEART" KNITTING WORSTED, 4 Ply ("Tangle-Proof" Pull-Out Skeins):

  • 6 ounces of No.1 White and small amount of Black for features.

  • Small pieces of felt -- green for eyes; rose for nose.

  • Cotton Batting for Stuffing.

  • 9 inches of White Millinery Wire

  • Ribbon for Bow.

  • NEEDLE:Crochet Hook Size G.

GAUGE: 7 sts = 1 inch.

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