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Oval Crochet Pineapple Doily Pattern, Design 844


Crocheted Doily:  An odd shaped centerpiece measuring about 12 by 18 inches when crocheted in No. The center star is surrounded with the old favorite pineapple design.

This is a Mail Order Design pattern purchased through newspapers and catalogs.  This pattern was marketed as Needlework Bureau 844 in 1947.  The newspaper description:  "A beautiful centerpiece approximately 12 x 18 inches is fascinating crochet work. The favorite pineapple design is worked out from the star center". 


  • 250 yds of white mercerized thread #10 and a #8 steel crochet hook
  • If #5 thread is used with #4 crochet hook, doily will be a bit larger.

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