Laura Wheeler

Oblong Pineapple Crocheted Cloth Scarf Pattern Design 505


Crocheted Cloth: This pattern contains directions for an oblong crocheted cloth in the pineapple design and spider-web stitch. Cloth is made in the heavy 4-ply Mercerized Crochet cottons used for Jiffy Crochet. If desired Straw Material may be used. Use regular bedspread cotton to make a scarf. The official write-up: "You'd have to pay a Kings ransom for a cloth like this - but it's easy to crochet". The finished cloth measures either 52 x 75 or 54 x 80 inches, depending upon materials used. The scarf measures 34 x 46 inches.

This is a mail order pattern, purchased through newspapers and magazines. This pattern was marketed as Laura Wheeler 505 in 1953.  "You'd have to pay a Kings Ransom for a cloth like this.  It's pineapple design and spiderweb stitch!  Pattern 505 cloth 52 x 75 inches in 4 ply mercerized cotton; larger in straw yarn; smaller in bedspread cotton". 

Materials: See photo of pattern requirements.

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