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Crocheted Irish Rose Collar Cuffs Set, Low Neckline


Irish Rose Collar and Cuffs :  This pattern contains instructions to crochet the set pictured.   This is a lovely vintage 1930s design.   The collar is crocheted in a pleasing mesh design with the irish rose motif.   It goes around the pictured neckline and forms a double bow at the bottom.   The cuffs have the corresponding irish rose motifs, and thin and band over the wrists in a similar bow effect.  The set is has a feminine and well feel.   Although pictured with a v-neckline, this collar would be even more dramatic with a high neck, letting the collar be more a piece of jewelry. 


  • - Clark'sO.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, 2 balls of Size 70, White. 
  • - Milward's steelcrochet hook No. 12 or 13. 

 This pattern is featured in a blog post at Todays Treasure Shop Talk, should you care to drop by.

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