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Crocheted Butterfly Tablecloth Pattern


Butterfly Luncheon Cloth :  This pattern contains directions to crochet the butterfly set.    Crochet up 24 large butterfly motifs and stitch them to a luncheon cloth as pictured above.  Or, of course, make whatever quantity you might like and stitch them to .... whatever you might like.   The pattern design is vintage 1950s from Coats Clarks. 


  • - J.& P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. Best Six Cord MercerizedCrochet, Size 30:
  • - SMALLBALL: J.& P. COATS-4 balls of No. 76 China Blue, 3 balls of No. 26-BBright Nile Green, and 2 balls of No. 43 Dk. Yellow, or
  • - CLARK'SO.N.T.-5 balls of No. 76 China Blue, 4 balls of No. 26-B Bright NileGreen and 3 balls of No. 43 Dk. Yellow, or
  • - BIGBALL].& P. COATS-2 balls each of No. 76 China Blue, No. 26-B BrightNile Green, and 1 ball of No. 43 Dk. Yellow.
  • - MilwardsSteel Crochet Hook No. 10. 
  • - A pink luncheon cloth, 54 inchessquare. 


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