Alice Brooks

Crochet Baby Blanket, Star Stitch, Alice Brooks 7481


Crocheted Carriage Cover:  These two crocheted carriage covers can either be made of Willow Down, Kwiltee or Fluff DownYarn, or they can be made of a double strand of Knitting Worsted. The first style cover is made in alternating rows of star stitch and single crochet with a border of loop stitch. The second style cover is made in double crochet squares set off with rows of star stitch.  Both coverlets are 28 x 32 inches. 

This is a Mail Order Design pattern purchased through newspapers.  The pattern was marketed as Alice Brooks 7481 in 1944.  The newspaper description:  "You'll go right to the head of the line for praise and thanks for that new mother if you jiffy crochet her one of these two coverlets. Both are done in effective star stitch. Either can be done in jumbo yarn or knitting worsted".

Materials:  7 (2 ounce) skeins of shell pink and 2 skeins of white Willow Down, Kwiltee or Fluff Down Yarn or 6 (3-3/4 ounce) skeins of pink and 1-1/2 skeins of white Knitting Worsted and a No. 11 wooden crochet hook.

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