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Armenian Lace Crochet Pattern Bedspread Runner


Imitation Armenian Lace : This pattern gives instructions for crocheting the bedspread and runner pictured. This pattern is Lily Mills 1939 version of Armenian Lace. Here is a description of their design:

"Just a few words of explanation in regard to this type of crochet design. As many may know, the genuine "Armenian Needlepoint Lace" is made with a Sewing Needle. The "Imitation Armenian Lace" is produced with the Crochet Hook. Many of the imitations so closely resemble the real Armenian lace that at a distance it is difficult to detect the difference, especially when fine thread is used. The possibility to create new and more varied designs is even greater in the imitation, hook-made lace, than in the real Armenian needle-made lace. The work is fascinating, easy to do, and very dainty looking. Usually the designs are made of small and large chain loops which so perfectly resemble the real Armenian lace loops. 2 sc worked close together represent the Armenian Lace Knot Stitch. The spread is composed of simple square motifs (see detail), the joining of which automatically brings out the variations of the pattern."

This pattern set gives directions for both the standard size fringed bedspread as well as a runner scarf that measures 15 1/2 x 34 inches.

Materials - Bedspread :

  • Daisy Mercerized Crochet Cotton, 18 skeins in size 20, and for the fringe about 7 skeins in size 10,
  • No. 8 Boye needle.
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