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Fish Bathroom Rug Seat Cover Crochet Pattern


No 5107 Marine Rug and Seat Cover :  This pattern contains directions to crochet the set shown.  Here, we have a bathroom tub or area rug that measures 26 x 38 inches.   The rug has loop stitching in a wave pattern as a border and a fish motif cross stitch across the center.   A chart is included for the design motif.  The matching toilet seat cover as the corresponding looped border.  (Note:  This is a vintage 1951 pattern from American Thread.  Seat covers from this time may may not fit the modern sized seat covers in most of our homes). 


  • 13-80yd. Skeins Dk. Green.
  • 5-80yd. Skeins Lt. Green.
  • 1-80yd. Skein Black.
  • SteelCrochet Hook, size H. 

 All patterns in this shop are reformatted vintage designs; crisp clean documents for your working pleasure. The pattern is a PDF download. A link will be forwarded to your email address within a couple minutes

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