Tubular Knit Oval Rug Pattern 26 x 36


Oval Knitted Rug : This pattern contains instructions to knit the rug pictured above. This knitted rug is made up of circular tubes on 3 needles (like the finger of a glove) with deep pile, It is soft and sturdy, The tubes also may be knitted as flat strips, that are folded into tubes, when joining. Instructions are included for both methods, as well as how to increase the rug in size. 


  • - Enterprise Cotton Knitting Yarn, for 36" x 26" rug, 4 balls Ivory, 7 balls It. blue, 6 balls dk. blue. For 45" x 26" rug, 5 balls Ivory, 9 balls It. blue, 8 balls dk. blue.
  • - A set of double pointed or a pair of No. 4 Hero knitting needles (standard). English size, 9. 

Gauge: 5 sts = l '"; 6 ridges= 1". 

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