Alice Brooks Mail Order Designs was the syndicated column that appeared in newspapers across the United States starting in 1933.  Several times each week, an offer was printed and the reader could 'mail away' and receive the pattern in two to three weeks.  


In 1945, a catalog offer was added to the column advertisements - titled Alice Brooks Designs.  The catalog included individual pattern clips for knitting, crochet, needlework and sewing.  For a mere 15 cents more the reader would also receive the catalog, which included the 'most popular' patterns for the time period.  Each catalog typical included several free patterns for added enticement. 

I, of course, collect these catalogs when I can find them at a reasonable price.  They are scanned and added to my Facebook Albums, where they can be enjoyed by all.   If you'd like to browse .... follow the individual links below to the individual Facebook Album.    

Alice Brooks 1945     Alice Brooks 1947     Alice Brooks 1950     

Alice Brooks 1952     Alice Brooks 1953     Alice Brooks 1954     

Alice Brooks 1956