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Nylon Insertions and Edgings, Leewards


Nylon Accessories:   This pattern gives directions to crochet the three adornments pictured.   The pattern includes three different design, each for a corner insertion and its' corresponding edging.   The designs include Rosebud Edging on left, Ships' Wheel in center and Trilace Edging on right.   The pattern, late 1940's, was issued by Leeward Mills, as promotion of their Nylon threads.   This pattern calls for Size 30 Nylon Thread, which can be found (under different brand names, of course), online and craft stores.  


  • Lustra Nylon Thread, Size 30  
  • No 14 Steel Crochet Hook 

This pattern is featured in a blog post, should you care to drop by.  

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