Anne Cabot

Free Anne Cabots Ruffled Linen Doily Pattern Design 5203


Ruffled Doily of Crochet : This pattern contains directions to crochet the doily shown. This is a mail order pattern, marketed under the name of Anne Cabot, 5203. These patterns are not dated, but based on age and the quality of the paper/print, I would say late 1950s.

"This doily is just 10 inches in diameter, but you can make a larger doily by cutting a circle larger than the one given (4 1/2 inches) from linen, sheer cotton or organdie material".

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1 ball No. 50 crochet cotton.

Linen center is 4 1/2 ·inches in diameter. (You may make center as, large as you wish , and use the same crochet instructions fora larger doily.)

NEEDLES: 1 Steel crochet hock, No 12

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