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Crochet Pillbox Hat Bag Pattern


Pillbox Hat & Bag : This pattern contains directions to crochet the set pictured. The set includes a pillbox hat and a tubular type wristlet bag. This is a vintage 1939 set from the Spool Cotton Company. There official write-up: "England's fashion leader, the Duchess of Kent, took the tiny pill box to her heart. We offer it here in waffle stitch crochet with a smart bag to match". Now, I don't know anything about the Duchess of Kent, but it is a right smart pillbox hat with the center slightly indented and side ribbon or ornament. The bag has a rounded center, flat ends like a tube with a zip pouch opening. It looks the right size to carry just the essentials for a day out.


  • J. & P. COATS KNIT-CRO-SHEEN, 4 balls of any color for entire set.
  • 2 yds. millinery wire.
  • MILWARD'S steel crochet hook No.9.
  • A ribbon hat ornament.
  • Slide Fastener

GAUGE: 4 squares make 1 inch; 3 rows of squares make 1 inch.

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