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Crochet Lace Tablecloth Pattern, Small Medallions


Lace Tablecloth: This pattern contains instructions to crochet the tablecloth shown. The design is made of two small medallions and joinings. This pattern is vintage 1944 - the official description: "Gracious tablecloth to add luster to your nicest china and silver. The snowflake delicacy of texture is achieved by double crochet clusters and chain loops. The finished cloth will measure 66 by 88.


J. & P. COATS OR CLARK'S O.N.T. BEST SIX CORD MERCERIZED CROCHET, Size 50: J. & P. COATS —47 balls of White, OR CLARK'S O.N.T.-66 balls of White. Steel Crochet Hook No. 12.

GAUGE: Each motif measures approximately 2 ¼ inches in diameter. For a cloth 66 x 88 inches make 29 x 39 motifs.

All patterns in this shop are reformatted vintage designs; crisp clean documents for your working pleasure. The pattern is a PDF download. A link will be forwarded to your email address within a couple minutes. 

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