Anne Cabot

Anne Cabot Crochet Treasure Doily Pattern No 5196


Treasure Doily:   This pattern gives directions to crochet the doily pictured.    The finished doily is 14 inches in diameter.  "This Irish crochet centerpiece doily is one of the loveliest pieces I've seen. It's a rather deluxe piece and you will want to use it as a real "show" doily. Give it a lovely setting-when you have completed it. Use it on a small mahogany console table in the hall or on a small serving table in your dining room. It really should not be used as a doily under a vase or piece of bric-a-brac as the center rose should not be obscured. Let the doily constitute the sole decoration of a table, as shown in the illustration.  Make it in a fine thread. The original doily was made in sewing thread, but I have had it copied in size 50 crochet cotton. You might like to use an even finer thread than this, as the gossamer beauty of the doily depends largely on the fineness of the work.

This is a Mail Order pattern purchased through newspapers and catalogs.  This pattern was marketed as Anne Cabot 5196 in 1943.  The official newspaper description:  "As lovely as a museum piece - it's really an heirloom lent to me by a friend who collects lace. The Irish crochet doily is 14 inches across and has 19 roses around the outer edge and and almonds radiate like a sunburst from the center rose".  

MATERIALS: 1 large ball crochet cotton no. 50.

NEEDLES: 1 No. 12 steel crochet hook.


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